Palin Still Scary

Were the debate this evening to be assessed from the same starting line (who won), Biden was triumphant. His command of facts, steady response to questions and tying McCain to Bush showed the american public what it could expect from an Obama-Biden Administration: decisions based on reflected and reason, and a welcome relief from gut wrenching presidency of W Bush and gut check responses of McCain-Palin.

Just as she suggested she might do as VP, Palin went her own way, answered her own questions and asked for more power. Yikes

Her responses seemed memorized, even programmed in a manchurian candidate way. Perhaps the only unscripted moments came when she  twisted the constitution and suggested expanded powers for the vice presidency should she be elected to the post. again. yikes

She didn’t know the commander of afghanistan; couldn’t defend Mccain positions on health care or show how McCain foreign or economic policy would be any different from Bush-Cheney.  She also called for greater oversight of wall street while arguing for deregulation.  She criticized the Senate bail-out vote which McCain voted for yesterday, once again appealing to more of the same deregulation of wall street.   Finally, she tried to classify all reference to Bush as living in the past, as if Bush were not in office anymore.

So did she win? well, she didn’t throw up or melt as some people thought might happen.  

Survival in front of bright lights is not reform.

No regulation of wall street and more power for her.



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