McCain Gets Angry and Sarcastic with Des Moines Register

The thing about this McCain interview that is now on the Des Moines Register web page, Youtube, politico, TPM, and others, is twofold.


First, after watching clips more than once, I still find it difficult to read when McCain is engaging in sarcasm and when he is engaging in “straight talk.”  Seems his campaign has been so diminished that the candidate is now talking like that sarcastic announcer guy on the SNL McCain ad skit.  Funny late on a saturday night. Not so funny if this voice were to answer the phone at 3am.

Second, McCain is so lost in his own denial that he cannot fathom the truth when it comes up and bites him in the ass with a clear question.  Once again, leadership demands being able to 1) answer serious questions seriously, and 2) distinguish between your own bullshit and the truth.

Do we really want this guy near the nuclear trigger?


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