How Does Biden Win Debate? Get Out of the Way for Tina Fey

Biden wins the debate by not making it about himself. Biden needs to convince no one about his abilities here. No real doubts. All the doubts lay on his opponent’s lap, which means he needs to get out of the way and let her talk, and talk, and talk. If he can get away with one or two word or sentence responses, that’s all he should do.  Let Sarah Palin self inflict the damage.

There is simply no way Palin gets good press here unless she can make something stick on Biden, and no way she can do that without his help.  They best she can hope for are reports saying she is not as dumb as the Couric interviews would have us believe, which doesn’t get her votes.

Already the McCain campaign is roughing the ref (Gwen Ifill) with silly empty threats that she better not spend too much time on foreign affairs, obviously because Palin knows so little about it and has already made several gaffes.  You can only see so much of Russia at sunrise.  

That’s ok, questions about the credit crisis would make a swell alternative. She knows even less than McCain about the issues at the center of the House Repub revolt against the Bush Plan. And she didn’t even get the option to “phone it in.” Or, let her respond to questions about the supreme court, or the privatization of social security, or about the flinstones serving as an educational tool for NCLB.

Matters not what the questions are. Just let her talk. let her talk. let her talk.  The more Sarah Palin talks, the more the public will see Tina Fey.  And that’ll be good for Joe.


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