Suspending DisBelief

For a moment imagine the Barack Obama was the one engaging in  in the actions of his Republican counterparts these last four weeks, and ask yourself if Obama would not already have been laughed, scorned and ridiculed out of the presidential campaign.  It would be over.

what if:

1)as it turns out his pastor was a former witch hunter who was responsible for banishing a woman from his town;

2) His unwed daughter got pregnant out of wedlock to some hooligan.

3) he selected as his veep candidate someone no one knows and the more they got to know her all they saw was a combination of ignorance, and a lack of scruples.

4) threatened to postpone the first national debate and 12 hours before it was to start nobody knew if he would show up

5) said he was suspending his campaign with 40 days left and 2-5 points behind because there were important matters going on (and to top it off the campaign was never suspended)

6) he has very little idea about what those important economic matters in DC were all about, is not involved in the details of the negotiations yet is pretending to lead the effort, with unknown results.

Hey, if this were Obama, he would never again be considered for the post of dog catcher.

Now comes the difficult questions?


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