McCain Would Rather Pretend 2 b President than Be President

John McCain’s erratic decision and his apparent agitation during the past few weeks is quite disturbing for a would-be president. Only 3 weeks ago, he nearly cancelled the $70 million dollar RNC because of a hurricane, and now he says he wants to suspend his campaign because of the meltdown on wall street.


he wants to cancel friday’s debate. 

seems to not want to run for president. prefers pretending he is president.  and like a little kid in need of some ritalin, he is jumping from activity to activity, reversing course and in need of some cohering thread so others might follow along. 

sorry. no cohering thread here.

Not only do these moves suggest desperation and poor judgment, they are nothing more than cynical ploys of diverting attention away from a flailing campaign.  A contrivance.  Problem for John McCain is the smoke is clearing on his charade of a campaign and the american public is beginning to see the wizard behind the curtain.

Here’s the one thing John McCain could do as presidential candidate: show a way out of the mess. Lead through discussion. make us understand the intracacies of this problem so we are less afraid.  show the country how you would lead the country out of this mess. In short, DEBATE the issue!!!  But alas, he doesn;t want to because he doesn’t understand, and thus cannot really lead.

There was nothing john McCain could have done during the republican convention to save the people of Louisiana.  He wanted the american people to believe he holds executive powers which he does not hold.  But, all he could have done is get in the way. Obama understood this.

Same now. John McCain is no expert on this meltdown; Quite the opposite. By his own admission he does not much about economics.  As Senator Schumer suggested this afternoon, McCain would just get in the way and that he ought to just stay away.

No constructive role here for a McCain presidential simulation.   and the pretend quality of his actions are unnerving to say the least.

It makes me wonder what John McCain would do a president when crises hit. Would he grind the government to a halt until the crisis passed?  Or, would he calmly and credibly handle the situation in the every day course of being president, which is what I would like my president to be able to do?


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