McCain was 4 Reagan B4 he was Against Him

The McCain campaign is flailing. It is because he is running as the pro-new deal ronald reagan of the 1940s AND the “government is evil” reagan of 1980 and 84.  

Makes no sense. And this is the problem for McCain.  The rationale for his campaign no longer makes sense. A deregulator decrying the absence of regulation and beseeching andrew cuomo to come save the SEC. huh?  

What possible rationale encompasses a career of procapitalist deregulation including of the banking investment houses and regulation? the only one is that of the amoral, survivalist mea culpa McCain. Remember the McCain mea culpa after he was busted partying with the Keating Five.  And following that “forgive me lord for i have sinned” jimmy swaggart moment,  McCain he went on to surround himself with the same deregulatory lobbyists he had just begged forgiveness for being in bed with.

More the same McCain.

Quite recently McSame said he wanted to open up and deregulate/privatize social security and the health care industry and model them on the successes of the post 1999 deregulated banking industry.

Yesterday on 60 minutes he said degregulation in 1999 was good for the economy

Only three weeks ago, mitt wendell romney spoke before the RNC promising that McCain would take a weed wacker to government regulation.  Now the candidate has put himself under his own wacker.  

John McCain is now wacking himself.  Ugly image indeed.


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