The Rain in Spain Hits McCain in the Brain

If John McCain is elected, are we going to go to war with Spain? That’s what you might conclude after hearing McCain’s recent interview on the topic.  The alternative is that McCain didn’t hear the question and as Josh Marshall suggests, he “winged it on the answer.” But that’s not what McCain’s campaign staff says. They say he  understood the question and responded deliberately and accurately.  

Seems McCain thinks Spain in located in Latin America and that its Prime Minister Zapatero is some sort of “petty third world dictator” who is not welcome in a McCain White House.  

If McCain got the question and answer right and also knows indeed where Spain is on the map, then, I think, we are all screwed. It means we might be going to war with “Old Europe,”  an old Rumsfeld idea that perhaps McCain thinks he can still execute.  Bring back Rummy! Bring back Rummy?

The fourth option here is that McCain got it all right and holds hostile feelings towards Zapatero because of the PM’s stance on the Iraq War. If this is the case, well egaads! then McCain will hold foreign leaders to the same standard he now holds the press. You only get a seat at the table if you have something nice to say.   Bu Bye Democracy.


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