If Obama wins, Please Thank Tina Fey!!!

Tina Fey did for barack Obama saturday night, something the candidate hasn’t been able to do  for himself since  his acceptance speech in Denver. She handed him back the reigns of his campaign.

If Barack Obama wins the election, it’ll be because of a chain of events and activities set in motion over the past couple days.  Tina Fey’s impersonation of Sarah Fey ripped open the Palin bubble. At that point, the mainstream press and voters could then make sense of the compounding facts that belie the Palin hype.

Fortuitously, the Fey skit kicked off some deliberate recalibrations by the Obama camp which has the candidate sounding more sure footed, firm and on the attack against McCain. Joe Biden delivered a strong anti-McCain barrage yesterday that sucked a little more air out of the McCain-Palin Juggernaut. 

It is also a lucky break for barack that the Fey skit foreshadowed one too many McCain-Palin lies. Suddenly anything these two deparatoes say sounds like a lie.   McCain-Palin have even made Karl Rove distance himself from the train wreck.   Richard Cohen’s piece in yesterday’s WaPo may have also helped turn the MSM pro-McCain tide into a rip-current finally pulling this old man and his holy life preserver out into the sea.

So, is Fey really the catalyst? who knows. What is clear, however, is that the national polls show that palin may have lost 10 points in the last 3 days.  Folks may finally be listening to the stories about troopergate, tanning beds, lies about improvising her convention speech, lies about the bridge to nowhere, lies, lies and more lies.  I’m thinking that Tina Fey’s Palin impersonation finally turned this celeb wannabe into a has been in three days.

 As George Lakoff has argued, american voters really don’t vote the issues; they vote the “story.” Palin’s pop story success is a post modern wet dream. No wonder Mccain experienced a surge.  If Sarah could rise thru the political thicket so quickly, with little more than pluck and determination, well then, so could tens of millions of others.  People saw Palin as their lottery ticket. A chance in a million.  So be it. Tina Fey came around and morphed this american dream into a running joke, from pluck to vanity, from determination to blind ambition. 

Given Palin;s many vulnerabilities, I think that’s all that was needed.


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