Rationale for Palin Candidacy Dies This Evening

The rationale for Sarah Palin’s candidacy, which was to help John McCain double-down on the maverick theme died this evening.  Before this evening, that claim was cynical. Now, it is non-existent.

Palin announced this evening that she will refuse to cooperate with the trooper-gate investigation. She will not speak with investigators, which contradicts her promise of two weeks ago that she would fully cooperate.  According to Commissioner Walt Monaghan, interviewed by Rachel Maddow this evening, Alaskans had high hopes for Governor Palin when she was first elected governor because she promised clean, open and transparent government.  As of this evening, according to Monghan, that hope in Alaska has died.

So what happened exactly? It seems that both republicans and democrats would not be bullied by Palin’s thugs and voted today (I think) to issue subpoenas, including one for Todd, the first dude, Palin this evening charges partisan witch-huntery as the basis for her withdrawing all cooperation. 

Apparently, email and eye witness evidence exists that supports the idea that she broke laws. Is she hiding something here? You bet.  Does her apparent obstruction of a legal and legitimate investigation inspire confidence that she is a “good government maverick”?  You tell me


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