McCain’s Habitual Lying a Deliberate Tactic

The McCain campaign is in the middle of a full-tilt desperate last minute tear to election day.  I am hoping this is the miscalculation of a long distance runner who forgot where he was in the race, and started his kick too early only to be lapped near the finish.

As addled as McCain’s mad dash might turn out to be, it has a Rovian logic. Obviously the McCain camp made an assessment of the mainstream media climate which thus far has been loathe to reverse the pro-McCain narrative, and which sees its mission as being “fair and balanced” rather than accurate. 

A pursuit of accuracy would have called out McCain a long time ago for the amazing number of delusional claims he has made since March. “Fair and balanced” tries to find an Obama distortion of McCain for every McCain. Let’s say Obama has distorted McCain’s record. Of course he has, but perhaps one distortion for every ten McCain distortions. A balance seeking media digs and scrapes at every Obama comment about McCain in hopes of unearthing a distortion however slight. On the other hand, the McCain distortions are coming so hot and heavy that they are almost overwhelming.  No real digging needed here.  It’s a flood.  

An MSM mission of balance creates incentives for McCain strategists to lie with abandon. The “balanced” media will either ignore 90% of McCain’s distortions so as to go one to one in treating the veracity of the two candidates, or it digs overtime into Obama comments of McCain.

Either way McCain wins, and the voter loses.

The alternative is for the mainstream media to realize that accuracy would be the more appropriate mission at this time.


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