McCain’s Pro-Corporate National Service day

John McCain got a free ride last night during his televised interviewed by Judy Woodruff for the National Day of Service. While scoring points with his base for saying that public sphere activities like service need not be run by  and in the public sphere, which makes little sense, McCain suggested the government get out of the way and let the market run with service.  Huh?

McCain is willing to let existing service programs like city year and ameri-corp stand– tho who knows whether he would allocate monies for them– but his emphasis and his divergance from Obama, who hot a homerun last night, focused on the run of the market and service programs.

Here’s what the press needs to follo up on. How exactly should the market perpetuate national service? and would they do so with government support? 

The public also needs to know whether McCain’s conception of service comes down to corporate philanthropy and faith based programs.   Another word for corporate philanthropy is corporate image enhancement, sort of when Nike is caught exploiting third world laborers and then joins up with Bono’s Red Campaign.

You see, there are a lot of ethical issues associated with private sector and national service. mccain opened the door to the issue. Somebody please follow- up?


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