Palin’s Responses to Charlie Gibson Reveal all-nighter’s struggle to pass final exam

So now it is no longer a matters for guessing.  Here’s the text of Charlie Gibson Interview.  It is clear Sarah Palin knows very little about policy.  She doesn’t understand NATO, cannot give any special insight that her proximity to russia gives her on the topic.  She has no understanding of cold war conceptions of international law. Nor does she know what national sovereignty is. She has no sense of the irony of her Russia-georgia responses in light of her US-Iran responses.   Further, she never heard of the Bush Doctrine and probably doesn’t know what the word pre-emption means.  She certainly didn’t understand Charlie Gibson’s question.  

And what she does know in frightening. Perhaps she sees going to war with Russia as “God’s will.” and given her inability to grasp the nuances with Russia-Georgia, she seems to stand ready to start a war with Russia should Russia make moves on Georgia or Ukraine. 

Finally, she couldnt quite recall the Abraham Lincoln quote that McCain handlers obviously instructed her to use to rationalize her “war is God’s will” quote.  Her blind faith version of american democracy takes its cue from her religious values but none from the Constitution.  

You know, Max Weber interpreted this sort of approach to policy and law as primitive and irrational.  

Simply unfathonable for leadership in an advanced post industrial capitalist nation. But then again, many said the same thing about Bush.

I find the combination of her self confidence and hubris along side her beginners grasp of facts and zealous approach to foreign policy to be pretty horrendous and scary, especially since the opinion polls show a dead heat.


2 responses to “Palin’s Responses to Charlie Gibson Reveal all-nighter’s struggle to pass final exam

  1. Sarah Palin Interview Grade A+

  2. Scarier than that interview (that’s why they had her in a closet for the last two weeks) is the way the pundits are handling it on cable TV: Candy Crowley says people vote the top of the ticket anyway; David Gergen says he doesn’t think it significant she didn’t know what the Bush Doctrine was (?!); Andrea Mitchell thinks maybe women will sympathize with her being talked down to by a male interviewer. What a great country.

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