Pig Lipstick: Hypocrisy and High Risk Behavior on Gender Bias

As David Corn said this evening on Rachel Maddow’s show, the McCain campaign is trying to run out the clock by spouting daily lies about Barack Obama.  Many of these lies, in recent days, have focused on delusional claims of Obama gender bias and worse. Problems for McCain are twofold: 1) he is trying to run out the clock for a game for which he does not lead; 2) McCain’s strategy here shows he has neither the temperament nor the judgment and good sense to be commander in chief.

consider two examples.

McCain is running an ad that suggests he is horrified that Obama’s “lipstick on a pig” comment was sexist and directed at sarah Palin. It wasn’t. The ad lies.   So consider this. The ad casts Palin as the same sort of victim she criticized Hillary Clinton for being.  Next, the key to the McCain ad is that its repetitive running objectifies Palin by hardening images in the public’s mind that compare her to a pig. 

Of course more telling is that McCain knows that Obama’s comments are not directed against Palin, but against his positions on the economy. How does he know this?  Listening to Obama’s actual remarks would tell him so.  Also, the “lipstick on a pig” phrase happens to be one of McCain’s favorite attack phrases against political opponent policy positions.  One of his former policy advisors, torie clarke, wrote a book with the title, “Lipstick on a Pig.”  McCain attacked Hillary’s Clinton’s health care proposals during this campaign as “lipstick on a pig.” Now, the alternative thinking here is that McCain was really calling Hillary Clinton a pig? you tell me.

Further, McCain seems to be daring the democrats to point out the even crisper hyposcry at work here because John McCain is known for having said some incredibly sexist things and laughed at other such things being said by others. he laughed at the joke calling Hillary a “bit*h” He suggested Janet Reno was the father of Chelsea Clinton. He made a comment about a rape victim enjoying it. he event called his wife a c*#t.  Now c’mon, talk about imagining McCain’s reckless and high risk behavior in the white house, consider this high risk campaign strategy.  He seems to be daring the press and democrats to hoist him on his own sexist petard.  

Finally, as 538.com reports that focus groups show that the lipstick on a pig ad for McCain doesn’t work.

The second ad, is less a sexist ad and more a racist one, and as Obama’s campaign has termed it, just plain perverse.  This McCain tv ad features Obama with an anthony hopkins at the end of hannibal Lecter type smile (sorry, best i can do), leering perhaps at little kindergardeners. the issue has to do with Obama’s support for a bill that was never passed in the illinois legislature that endeavored to protect kindergarden kids from predators.  The ad reverses the facts of this bill and suggests Obama sponsored (lie) the bill that would have taught 5 years about sex before they could even read.  McCain is Just plain nutz!

And all this to avoid talking about the real issues.  Running out the clock would make sense if John McCain were solidly ahead. But he isn’t.


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