Note to Campaigns: Can’t Compare Palin to Barack on Knowledge

I think that Sarah Palin is woefully inexperienced to be vice president or president. But as Jonathan Alter pointed out yesterday on NPR, that’s not good enough.  The experience card is also being used against Obama, less effectively I think, but the Repubs are still trying to legitimize Palin’s lack of experience by comparing it with Obama’s brief tenure in the senate and then dismissing his community organizer experience.  It’s bull, but in the days of the 30 second spot, it still kind of maneuvers Palin onto the Obama playing field. 

The better line of attack here against Palin, and there are plenty others, has to do with “knowledge base.”  This concept often accompanies experience, but need not. Here, there is no earthly comparison between Barack and Palin.  Even Bill O’Reilly marvels at Obama’s knowledge. Can’t say that about poor Sarah, as she showed everyone yesterday by erroneously suggesting the taxpayers have been bearing the burden of the freddy and fannie mortgage crisis. (Shouldn’t governors know this sort of stuff?)

Further, experience argument would have dismissed Lincoln and Kennedy as too green to be president. Not so when you assess them thru the lens of knowledge-base, and on this score, Barack holds his own against anyone, including these historical legends (and Palin doesn’t bear mentioning)


One response to “Note to Campaigns: Can’t Compare Palin to Barack on Knowledge

  1. Obama can run circles around both McCain and Palin when it comes to knowledge.

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