Charlie Gibson to Interview Palin

Which Charlie Gibson will show up to interview Sarah Palin, and does it matter?

Charlie Gibson has been granted the first Palin interview. Congrats.  Throughout his career Gibson has been known as a decent, albeit mainstream reporter who knows how to ask good, substantive questions and follo-ups.  Last spring he showed a different side as moderator of a Hillary-barack debate. here he seemed lost in the swamp of silly gotcha campaign questions, an never really got to the substantive part. And finally, Gibson, an early morning mainstay, also knows how to piddle away an interview with muchy softball questions. 

For a first media interview with palin I would be happy to see either of the first 2 charlie gibsons. My fear is that Sarah Palin will experience the third, and from this interview she will have a new B-f-f. Here’s why. Look to the structure of the interview, constructed by the McCain campaign. It has Gibsom traipsing after Palin over a series of different meetings in Alaska. If Palin or her team experiences anything but puff, all subsequent encounters with Gibson are likely to get cancelled. 

Chalk this first media encounter up to Mccain’s manipulation and intimidating the press. His recent Time Mag interview illustrates how the intimidation works. Straight talk unless i get a straight question, which then gets an obstructionist response or no response at all. 

I am sure Palin is a quick study.


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