Problem with Palin’s Comedic Stump Speech: Already Stale

One of the reasons why I don’t download comedy albums is that you can only listen to them a couple times before they stop being funny.

This is the problem with Palin’s new stump speech in terms of style, not content. It has little content, and once you remove the lies and mistatements, there really is nothing left by some funny phrases, sort of.

The style of her speech a couple nights ago was reminiscent of
of an old Friars Club Celebrity Roast, with Forest Brooks, Dino and and Sarah Palin as the Party’s new Don Rickles.

Palin’s stump speeches today alongside John McCan were almost word for word the same speech she gave thursday. Problem for sarah is that the punch lines have already grown stale, and the audience is no longer drunk.

Regrettably for her, until she learns some content, all she has to rely on is her comedic timing. It is my guess that within a couple days, the public should start turning if off.

Once the humor fades all this is left in her speech is nasty and mean, and folks don;t like nasty and mean, unless sugar coated in some good funny. That’s the don rickles rule.


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