McCain’s Speech Makes no Sense

In the context of this week’s Republican Convention, McCain’s acceptance speech made no sense.  In terms of what the Republican Party needs to do in order to maintain control of the White House, his speech creates a trap that should prevent him from being elected.

Two theories exist on what McCain needs to do to win in November:

1) appeal to his base and energize it. Recent elections have been won with the base, not with swing voters

2) His base is already on his side. To win, he needs to appeal to swing voters.


The trap: The just completed RNC loses the base and loses swing voters.

Loses the Base: Last night’s speech slams Republican failures for the past 8 years. McCain’s maverick relaunch pits him against the past 8 years of Republican power. Result: Base disillusioned.

Loses swing voters: the bland recitation of conventional republican issues does nothing to convince swing voters that McCain would be anything more than more of the same. The shrill and overly partisan speeches that preceded McCain on Wed and Thurs. seem to be turning off voters who may indeed be tired of partisan politics (that is, swing voters).

By slamming republican failures, McCain loses the very base he needs in the grassroots to get out the vote.

So, he can’t win, but even if he did, he couldn’t govern as a maverick.  He’d have no staff and no support in congress.  Even tho McCain the candidate promises nonpartisan governance, like every president before him he would undoubtedly appoint the professional experts from his party that previously served the white house.  This means the “Maverick McCain would still hire an overtly partisan, pro-Bush staff.  Keep in mind,  the only conservative/ repub neocons ready to staff up a mccain whitehouse are the same losers who staffed the bush white house.

Almost all of his political appointees will be the professonals and experts who know the lay of the land and who learned this land while on the laps of Bush 41 and 43.  And if McCain is going to appoint dems, why not elect Obama who has a larger pool of dems to select from. 

For a guy who is preaching the maverick, but whose campaign staff is replete with corporate lobbyists and Bush era cronies, it is simply dishonest to try to convince voters that if elected he would bring a new politics to washington.

So, McCain can preach maverick all he wants, but the folks who will be making policy will be anything but. That is unless, he brings in palin’s team from Alaska, which according to reports, is itself replete with non experts and people personally loyal to the governor. it seems when she was elected mayor and then governor, she replaced experts with sycophants.

Perhaps this is the change McCain also has in mind. Personal loyalties over country?  They ARE soulmates after all.

Finally, McCain’s fatal mistake, I think, is the fact that by blasting his party base last evening, he alienated his rank and file base he will need on election day to get out the vote.

So McCain is running against the dems and the repubs.

if he is running for the 40% voters who say they are independents, he did nothing to appeal to them, and 40% does not a majority make.

Makes no sense


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