Sarah Palin: Hockey Mom or Hockey Puck?

Who knew that Sarah Palin was Don Rickles in drag, and that John McCain would offer up “schtick” as an alternative to a credible vice president pick.  Last night’s Palin unveiling felt more like a Friars Roast than a VP acceptance speech. The dripping sarcasm and belittling of her opponents, the candidate walk on following “Rudy the impaler” and  Mike  Schecky Huckabee (no mention of Mitt here. He’s just not that funny) left republicans in the St. Paul Hall rolling in the aisles but the rest of america reaching for the remote.

every mention of joe and barack brought howls of canned laughter while at every mention of John McCain, (Noun– Verb– Country) everyone almost stood up and saluted, or cried at yet another redition of his 35 years old war injuries… 

Palin could have had a walk on role as one of those quirky characters in Fargo (she was born in Idaho, close enuf). but without a script, i do not think she could deliver lines like these talking to her good neighbor Vladamir in Russia, or anyone else on the world stage.

Regrettably, the use of humor last night covered up the party’s dripping desperation; her claims of reform covered her years of milking the system (she was for earmarks before she was against them; she was for ted stevens and ran his 527 before she was against him; she is for state more than country, and who knows what other serious abuses of power will be revealed in alaska before mccain cronies now up in Juneau shred the remaining evidence).

Let’s make no mistake, this is a serious moment, requiring serious thought and words about policy, something Palin seems incapable of providing.


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