Palin’s Lack of Cred Sinking Leaky McCain Vessel on very Leaky Night

On this day that Gustav pretty much closed down day one of the $70 million Republican Convention, and as MSNBC is focusing it’s on air time to the storm; CNN spends some time on the Republicans, at least at about 8:30(ish) when I tuned in.

Mildly amazing to see CNN’s Campbell Brown deconstruct what has until now been the MO of the entire McCain campaign: McBush’s foreign policy chits. 

In an on air interview, Brown asked McCain’s Tucker Bounds how McCain can justify the selection of Palin given the paucity of her foreign policy credentials, given Mccain’s insistence that a Veep must be ready to be commander in chief on “day one.”

The issue in question: Palin’s foreign policy experience as head of Alaska’s State National Guard.

I am paraphrasing the following exchange, but this is the gist of what I heard:

Brown asks Bounds for one example of a foreign policy decision Palin has made. Bounds says she is head of the Alaska National Guard.  Brown says fine, now give me an example of one decisions she has made…  Bounds asks her to stop belittling Palin’s foreign policy credentials. Brown says she is doing anything but belittling them; she just wants to know of a decision made.

Bounds:  She makes decisions about  what happens once they are deployed…

Brown (cuts him off):  No, That’s the Pentagon, that’s Patreaus, that’s not what governors do….

Wow!  Keep in mind Campbell Brown is not known for piercing interviews. (there’s something about the palin pick that is ticking journalists off)

To place Tucker Bound’s comments in context of what Alaska Guv actually does with the national guard, see link below.

According to Alaska National Guard General…

Ya know, almost like shootin fish in a barrel, isn’t it?…. but then again, I cannot and do not believe the next two months are going to be this easy… and that makes me nervous.


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