Is McCain Behind Palin 1,000%? is taking bets on whether Palin will last on the ticket until November. Chances are rising that she will pull an Eagleton (McGovern-Eagleton 1972) and resign. If only her problem consisted of previous bouts of depression (Eagleton), she could be treated medically for the malady and remain a candidate. Problem is there is no pill to take for poor judgment, ineptitude and dishonesty.

Here’s some of the latest:

1) Palin recently gave a video speech to the AIP (Alaska Independence Party) convention, and according to AIP officers, Palin used to be a member, and remains quite sympathetic to their cause.  Why important? The AIP is the Alaskan Independence Party. They are a “state’s rights” party that favors secession from the United States. Several things fascinating about this latest bucket of bad news for John McCain. First, AIP is anathama to McCain’s new “country first” motto. AIP, and perhaps Palin too, want state first, state always, country not at all.  Keep in mind state’s rights advocates were on the wrong side of the articles of confederation– constitution debate, and the civil war, jim crow and civil rights. They favor privatization/deregulation of crucial government utilities, which, if you imagine pervasive drilling (in ANWR) to follow more deregulation  of oil/gas, explains why Palin doesn’t much value Alaskan wildlife–polar bears and wolves (they are not profitable)… Tap those gas and oil kegs, baby, wildlife be damned.  Her association with AIP also raises interesting questions about who Palin really has wanted to win the 08 presidential election. Palin, a former Buchananite, has had very favorable things to say about Ron Paul, and not so great things to say about John McCain.

The AIP also holds a strong allegiance to “Constitution Party” candidate for president Chuck Baldwin, a right wing pastor who has close ties with and is supported by Jerome Corsi, the infamous “Swiftboater” who recently penned the atrocious book, “Obama Nation.” Corsi wants Baldin for president; Corsi has wonderful things to say about Palin.  (Perhaps somebody can do a little more work on this to connect more dots?)

2) Palin, that reform maverick for whom some conservative commentators are saying this morning will help re-write the McCain ’08 narrative to return him to her Maverick “good government” former self (which itself was a figment). According to McCain’s campaign, Palin the reformer took on the Ted Steven’s wing of the Alaska Republican Party … Problem here for the good governor is that she was head of Ted Steven’s most recent 527 operation, and former staffers have worked for both of these Alaska pols.  A little digging here might reveal even closer ties to Ted Stevens and his “bridge to nowhere” which Palin supported until last Friday when she said she always  opposed it.

Now add on to this, her lack of any freign policy credentials; “Trooper-Gate” “Jamie Lynne-Spears-Gate,” or as media literacy scholar David Considine put it, the “Juno-Juneau effect,” (thanks Frank Baker, Steph) and you have some pretty heavy baggage weighing down team McCain.  If she doesn’t drop out, Palin’s Eagleton effect has already been felt: she has already made several McCain allies clinically depressed.


2 responses to “Is McCain Behind Palin 1,000%?

  1. McCain has absolutely no good judgement because he chose incompetents around him and he his incompetent himself. Is America ready for an incompetent President and an incomptent VP at the same time? Maybe the “great state of Alaska” like McCain said, will disconnect from the USA while keeping all the money they sucked out of the taxpayers pockets around the states by asking subventions after subventions. Then, they won’t have a deficit because of the Oil companies.

  2. Considine Correction..he references the JUNO (motion picture) effect…not JUNEAU

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