McCain to Skip Own Convention?

With Gustav bearing down on memories of the lowest ebb of the worst presidency in history, and with Sarah Palin reminding voters of John McCain’s errant and erratic decision making style, McCain might well skip his own convention. No joke!

Several reasons for this:

1) Republican delegates are not happy with Sarah Palin

2) Not only will Gustav’s gale force winds provide the ultimate test of the Bush’s levee reconstruction in New Orleans following Katrina, it will also remind voters what John McCain did during Katrina, a time when he was not running for president. For those who forgot, he birthday partied with President Bush at one of his many homes.  No thoughts of Katrina victims then. Probably will act differently this week.  Because McCain doesn’t want split screen coverage of Republicans partying (again) while poor people drown, reports have it that the convention might be cut short and that McCain will give his acceptance speech from somewhere in the Gulf region, far away from Minneapolis/ St Paul.  He might not even show up. 

Undoubtedly  the media will cover McCain wearing his boots and helping with the rescue/recovery. Picture 72 year old John McCain and post partum mom(?) Sarah Palin scooping bodies out of the lower 9th ward, surrounded by armed Blackwater missionaries prepared once again to shoot to kill.  

While McCain is gone AWOL from his own Convention, the rank and file might ask, Is this the change we need?


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