Bristol’s 1st or 2nd Pregnancy?

Read This from Josh Marshall at TPM: Just Really Odd

why it matters?*

John McCain did not vet Sarah Palin before naming her as his veep choice.

No Vetting

No Vetting!

no vetting!!!

John McCain’s most serious presidential decision thus far was a reckless one. No homework, no research into Palin’s background. No way his campaign knew this stuff before naming sarah palin. And no way John McCain knew the rumors surrounding Trigg. Let’s put it this way, if he did, he is stupid.

see 1st news source report about Bristol and Trig

The Take Away: John McCain acted irresponsibly here, and this is how he is likely to govern if elected. WITH HIS GUT, NOT HIS BRAIN.


*One note.  This is not about the daughter. Her mother should never have opened this up to such universal scrutiny by accepting McCain’s offer, an offer McCain should never have made.  Bristol’s mom and John McCain made this a public issue. They cannot be so naive as to think this would not become public in 2008. The issue here is political JUDGMENT, not personal morality.   There is a big difference.


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