Palin not the Mom? It’s Not the “Crime,” It’s the Cover-Up

Nobody should know better than Republicans that it’s not the crime or misdeed that brings down a political life, it’s the cover-up. Rumors are swirling that Sarah Palin is a grandmother, that her 16 year old daughter is really the mother of her new 5 month old baby with Downs syndrome.

Now, I guess suddenly being referred to as grandma is one way to counter concerns about her inexperience; but the real question here has to do with John McCain’s judgment. Seems he doesn’t have any. The McCain campaign is conceding there was not much of a vetting process before the Senator chose Palin as his running mate, and as a result, who knows what else might yet befall this “charlie brown” candidacy.  Beyond that, imagine what this sort of judgment means for a commander in chief whose bellicosity and lack of foresight could make the Bush Administration seem downright reasonable.

All the superficial evidence gives some credence to the veracity of the story: Family photos taken when Palin would have been 5 or 6 months pregnant have been removed from her website; photos on the web however, show her 16 year old daughter with a belly bump that is consistent with her being pregnant. BTW, Sarah never looked pregnant, during her pregnancy, according to photos and people who met with her during this time.  The daughter also dropped out of school during the last months of her mom’s supposed pregnancy, for having mono.  Is there a physician’s note anywhere?

With all these questions, it seems imperative for the McCain campaign to address them in a press conference, or at least issue a press release, with reasonable proof that the governor is the mom.  Again, an unwed child mother is no reason to disqualify sarah palin from the vice presidency, but it does raise questions about judgment and cover-up.  couple this with her trooper-gate scandal and suddenly she no longer seems a “maverick reformer.”  Also says something about the Republican team’s commitment to family values, coupling this story to McCain’s own problem with adultery.  The alternative, of course, is that rumors will continue to swirl.  

At least, in the meantime, Sarah Palin’s newfound celebrity finds a parallel in Brittney Spear’s younger sister, the 16 year old new mom, Jamie Lynne.  Who knew the Spears’ family would have become the meme for the ’08 campaign.


The Bottom Line: Somebody needs to investigate this, connect the dots. should be easy enough to do. Either you are pregnant or not! hospital records, doctor’s records, eye witness accounts, Bristol’s doctors note telling school she had mono….

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One response to “Palin not the Mom? It’s Not the “Crime,” It’s the Cover-Up

  1. Isn’t it great to smear a minor? Forget that this is a rumor without an ounce of proof, the important thing is to brind down Palin to the gutter, no matter how much this might damage the reputation of her daughter – who is innocent, but up to smear campaigns because her mother is up for VP. Who cares about the feelings of a teenager. All is fair in politics. Why don’t we stick to political issues?

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