McCain Veep Pick Palin Under Investigation

No sooner had John McCain made his Veep decision public than press accounts began to surface of an abuse of power investigation against his choice, Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska. Now Alaska is so full of corruption investigations at the moment, that the mere mention of another investigation sends Alaskans running for cover. Still, the last week of July, 2008, the Alaska legislative council voted unanimously formally to investigate the sitting governor for abuse of her power as governor.

Here’s the gist of what the press accounts suggest:

1) Palin’s husband and members of her administration made dozens of phone calls to Alaska Public safety Commissioner Walt Monegan to get him to fire Trooper Mike Wooten (Palin’s former bro-in law), who is going thru a messy divorce and custody battle with Palin’s sister.

2) Monegan refused to fire Wooten.

3) Palin dismissed Monegan.

4) The legislative council investigation will cost taxpayers an estimated $100,000.

Alaskans must have very mixed feelings this morning that their governor’s newfound celebrity will shed a great deal of light upon the state’s corruptions investigations and trials.  The Ted Stevens corruption charges and bribery and conspiracy trial may have to share the limelight with Governor Palin’s legal woes.


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One response to “McCain Veep Pick Palin Under Investigation

  1. When all is said and done, I feel that Obama should have chosen Hillary Clinton.The “Dream Team” was sue to be a winner.However, I hope the Democrats do not mess around and fail to win.

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