(Pre-Hillary) Post-Partisan Democratic Convention= McCain Presidency

Mark Warner reached out to small town rural voters in southern virginia and for this he deserves some credit. He also helped himself lock up a senate seat this november. He alluded to Republicans being the party of the past, and that is as far as he went to draw red meat distinctions between Obama and McCain.  Much of the speech emphasized blurring all partisan distinctions all together. Fine. It might help him in Virginia, but will assure Obama’s defeat.

Problem is, polls show McCain has gained 2 or so points in the polls since the Democratic Convention started. Gallup has McCain 2 points up on Obama.  The dems have an audience of 30-40 million per night this week. Next week, the Republicans will make full use of their audience share. They will torch Obama and Biden with lies and distortions; will frame McCain– successfully by the way– that McCain is ubber partisan, that is, that he transcends partisanship because McCain= Country.  Anything McCain is everything American.  And, as we have seen for the past 8 years and for the past 2 months, the Republicans may be bereft of ideas but that are experts in scorch, burn (the opposition) and sell (themselves). 

The dems. are blowing it right now.   As Eugene Robinson just pointed out,  no one has yet mentioned the words, torture, Cheney or Iraq.   Hey Dems. What gives?


nte: this was written before Hillary’s speech. She shifted the dynamic.


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