Media Gives Obama-Biden Announcement Day to McCain

The 20 hours or so since Obama-Biden unveiled in Springfield has brought cautious optimism to the democratic ranks.  MSM pundits see a smart choice, but there is a problem here. Despite what they say, they are framing the story differently. According to the MSM frame,  the Biden selection was supplementary rather than complimentary as Obama folks have said. I would suggest that the MSM has framed the day on McCain’s terms, which should set off alarms in the Obama camp:

Here’s why:

MSM news papers and shows are echoing the McCain line that the Biden choice solidified the notion that Barack concedes weakness on foreign policy.  Also highlighted were Biden’s brain aneurysm from 20 years ago, and the violent death of his first wife and daughter.  It leaves the voyeur with a strange sensation of more tragedy coming  around the bend. 

Further, i have seen repeating scenes of Neil Kinnock telling the crowd he is the “first Kinnock in a thousand years to…. ”  didn’t take much for these old plagiarism charges against Biden to resurface.

If I didn’t know better, I’d be left feeling uneasy about Obama’s choice.  So, even on Barack’s well planned unveilling of a veep, the MSM has framed the day on McCain’s terms.


2 responses to “Media Gives Obama-Biden Announcement Day to McCain

  1. I like Biden, but I’m really not sure what he brings to the Obama campaign tactically. I think he’d make a great VP, but Obama has to get elected before all that and therefore needs someone who could swing a state for him or backs up his claims of wanting to move beyond Washington politics as usual. I think Biden has been a member of Congress for about 30 years or so, so I’m not entirely sure how this discrepincy is going to work out for him. I think it would have been much more astute of him to have picked a popular governor of a swing state OR someone who could have won over a key constituency of several states Obama will struggle in (as Richardson may have done among Hispanic voters in the south).

  2. Like we should be surprised. This media industry has placed its eggs in the GOP basket because they fear a vigorous antitrust authority and are afraid of losing exclusive access (Obama’s VP rollout was a good example of how this could play out). Also, McSame has made and maintained his maverick reputation by being their best friend.

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