Biden Wastes No Time

What a relief.

Biden is talking to Springfield Illinois and he wasted few moments before going after Bush-McCain.  First he talks about his own kitchen table talking about financial worries and says John McCain first has to decide which of his 7 kitchen tables to sit at before a conversation. From energy policy, to war in Iraq and perhaps even more important his emphasis on the American Dream and leadership, Biden is hitting all the issues… out of the park. 

Some lines:

“The reckoning is NOW” 

“These times require more than a good soldier, they require a wise leader.”

On McCain:  “you can’t change america, when you say on the most important issue of the day, ‘I support George Bush.'”

On what he has seen in Obama: “learn about the strength of his mind and the quality of his heart.”  “the Steel in his Spine.”

warms the heart.

Thanks JOE. We are glad you are here.


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