Obama-Dara Torres in ’08?

I kn ow she has not been short listed. But, I think at this moment, it wouldn’t matter if Barack Obama picked Dara Torres to be his Veep. She would come onto the ticket with a set of strong positives and negatives, just like any of the other candidates on Obama’s short list. Positives:  hero to women over 40 everywhere– soccer moms anyone?  Cross-generational appeal– over 40 and under baby boomer– you get this demographic and you win; intensive concentration; commitment to winning; incredible winning personality. And in the names Obama-Torres, and stories, you couldn’t get more 21st century American.  Negatives: not sure what she knows or cares about politics. Light on experience.

Here’s my point. Obama already won on this one. In this instance, it’s the process, stupid.  VEEPS don’t win elections. and rarely do they loose them. Even Quayle didn’t hurt Bush 41, and he really should have.   Here’s what Obama has shown the country: Executive Ability par excellance.  Once again, the Obama campaign has kept the lid on the all important leaks about who it is that is in his top 2-3 veep choices. Politico is reporting his announcement is likely to come this week or weekend.  Could be Richardson, Biden, Bayh, Clark, Sebelius…. some say even Hillary still. Naw, probably not.  The guy runs a tight operation.  Is likely to run a tight executive office; a tight government.


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