Obama Misses McCain “Coup”

When Obama left for vacation, silly MSM commentators sniped that his travel destination was too exotic, ignoring that Obama was merely going home to visit his sister and grandmother.  Then came Russia’s attack on Georgia, and potentially a new narrative: Obama sleeps, drinks, strolls and eats ice cream while Gori burns. McCain would act presidential, show his foreign policy card, the MSM would be in love again and Obama in trouble. 

McCain did show his foreign policy card, and I underestimated him. He showed us Dr. Strangelove.

Within a week, McCain managed to trump Obama’s simulated presidency (Berlin and faux presidential seal) with far more damning evidence of faux presidential pretentiousness. Nothing Obama did had any impeding effect on US foreign policy or international relations.  

On the other hand, McCain is simulating a coup d’etat, and that’s gotta leave a mark.  He has commissioned a shadow delegation to go to Georgia as his special envoy; he is in communication with Georgian leader Saakashvili several times a day, and as McCain let slip yesterday, he now imagines himself president (as opposed to the presidential aspirant that Obama identified himself throughout his foreign travels).

In McCain’s mind, he is already president and has embarked on a new Cold War against Russia.  Your can almost imagine him stepping up to the microphone’s and uttering Al Haig’s infamous “I’m in control here,” only to have Joe  Lieberman whisper in his ear that he wasn’t president.

Rather than being forced by the press to compete with McCain’s foreign policy credentials, Obama’s had the good sense to remain on the sidelines, make a few comments, eat some ice cream and let McCain be McCain.  I look forward to the Obama ad highlighting the image of  McCain’s Slim Pickens straddling the bomb.

In hindsight, it was a good thing that Obama was on vacation. Sometimes it is most wise for aspirants to not get in the way. McCain, on the other hand, showed us what happens when an angry old man answers the phone at 3 in the morning.


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