Moby is Right: Obama Must Go After McCain, Now.

Moby’s post on Huffpo speaks truth through the clutter.  Obama must go after McCain, now. Or else, he will lose, like Kerry and Gore.

Not only was there no bump from Obama’s recent trip abroad, but the McCain campaign has so successfully lampooned it that the frame through which the american public view that trip depicts it as pretentious, as nothing more than a man play acting the role of president.

Say what you will, but the McCain “celebrity” ads, which don’t really make much sense, succeeded in taking Obama’s greatest strengths: integrity, oratory, intelligence, and turned them into callow pretension. Steve Schmidt, a Rove acolyte, has successfully swiftboated Obama.

Obama promised he knew how to fight back.  Does he? Will he?  So far, like Kerry in ’04, have been way too slow and tepid in response.

Obama’s mantra is “Now is our time.”  It is his time all right, to swiftly and eloquently tear McCain to shreds, not defensively and certainly not in the mendacious, corrupt fashion of McCain.  But he needs to fight back more effectively, using humor and a Reaganesque “well, there ya go again….” and an acute sense of cutting to the chase, like the harvard lawyer he is, and dissecting the huge piles of shit McCain has been dishing out for the past several months.  Obama and his surrogates must create a frame about McCain so that every time McCain speaks, the american people hear a feeble minded, lying, corrupt opportunist who stands for nothing but himself and who has sold his soul to Rove and Bush’s neocon cronies.  

Barack, Now is your time!

Here’s the thing.  If you don’t, you will lose.


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