Why Mcain Offers up Wife at Sturgis and Press Loves It!

* beware the meandering post.

A reason for press giving McCain a pass in Sturgis:

A new zeitgeist is coming, and this election is going to help usher it in. Don;t know what it is yet, but it’s on its way. can feel it. a new cultural revolution, rooted in technology, harkening back to early 60’s idealism and sense of service…. i don’t know, but it is something.

The last cultural revolution of the 60’s and early 70’s is giving way to something new, and not yet defined. Here’s the thing, Win or lose, Barack Obama is a big part of it.  

John McCain is not. He will be seen only as a punchline, the guy whose pre 60’s sensibilities find humor and political support in objectifying his wife.

One more thing, the MSM is not part of it either; they know their days are numbered.

Problem is the mainstream media fear these changes, and find comfort in McCain as the boss dude of the gang they were never admitted to as a kid, or as the “cool kid” they wished was their friend in high school. McCain’s sensibilities haven’t changed much since he was an adolescent.  He is stuck in juvenilia — see maureen dowd, which gives the msm something to wistfully smile about.

Also concrete reasons for the MSM trepidation with the major changes underfoot. It threatens them.  For economic reasons and reasons of self preservation, the MSM is more comfortable with the known, if sexist and racist zeitgeist around McCain, however anachronistic and unrealistic. Not only were these the McCain heyday, these were also the good ole days for the mainstream media.  The future is a foreboding prospect for these two vestiges of yesteryear.


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