Obama-Bayh ’08, on Wednesday? (updated)

According to the Billerico Project, Barack Obama is going to name Senator Evan Bayh (D-Ind) as his choice for Veep. According to Billerico, Obama will be in Indiana, has cleared his schedule for Wed., his campaign has told the press to stay around.  And the timing makes sense, John McCain has erased the Obama bump from his trip abroad through cleverly juvenile and baseless attacks, and starting Thursday, folks will be tuning into the Olympics and away from the campaign until the Dem’s start their convention in Denver in a couple weeks.

So, the time is now.

Evan Bayh is an effective politician if somewhat lackluster on the stump. Got good marks as governor, and was a Hillary supporter to the end. So a Bayh nomination must be seen as a nod to Hillary’s folks, some of whom remain sorely on the sidelines.  Bayh is a young 53 who helps Obama’s new generation message, even tho he has held elected office since he was 30, and because of his dad, has been in politics since he was born.

Bayh also has strong midwestern support and the idea here is that his coattails will dove tail nicely with Obama’s in Illinois to create a critical mass of support in the rust belt (Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Pennsylvania.  Could work.

Here’s my concern. Bayh is a centrist, was a leader of the DLC, voted for the war in Iraq, is considered a fiscal conservative. His nomination gives a strong message to the netroots and youth (millennial voters) that the campaign has decided it can take them for granted, a mistake.

The Bayh nomination also signals that Obama could be doing more than merely tacking to the center for tactical reasons. Obama’s change of heart on FISA and off shore oil drilling could be signs of a centrist presidency, along the lines of Bill Clinton.    The man with hope has become the man from Hope.

We should savor the irony thru our tears.


update: Bayh says no announcement tomorrow


3 responses to “Obama-Bayh ’08, on Wednesday? (updated)

  1. If this is indeed the case, we are most definitely witnessing a classical demonstration of Spineless-Democratitis… Evan Bayh is the polar opposite of what Obama supporters support in a candidate – “blue dog” all the way. I have little doubt it has something to do with appeasing the Clinton camp, as the Bayh family has been in the collective Clinton pants for quite some time now.

  2. I think it make sense, Obama has to move to the middle in order to compete

  3. This would be the biggest disaster since Gore picked Lieberman.

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