John McCain, Topless White Women, and Barack Obama.

Tomorrow, the media has an opportunity to do John McCain a solid, and grant him the request he made a couple weeks ago. While Barack Obama was in Europe, the McCain campaign lamented its own lack of coverage.  

Tomorrow’s event in Sturgis could be as eventful for McCain as was Obama’s trip to Europe and the Middle East, for Barack. Obama’s mission in Europe was to show his bonafides as a leader on the world stage. McCain is going to Sturgis essentially to burnish his own credentials as the “country first” candidate in this election.

The media gave Obama what he wanted: wall to wall coverage. They owe John McCain no less.  and then Let America decide!

Obama was on the same stage as Sarkozy and Merckel; McCain will share the stage with Kid Rock and Kellie Pickler.  Obama performed in front of 200,000 Europeans hungary for American leadership; McCain will be performing in front of bikers hungry to see the Miss Buffalo Chip contest and “Bikinis on the Beach.”

On a more serious level, the media can help voters understand the candidate’s positions on the issues he speaks about. The press did a mediocre job here for Obama on his trip. Let’s see if they can do better with McCain. The main issue here has to do with veterans. The Sturgis rally is an annual biker event, but McCain will say tomorrow he is there for the veterans, and that he is one of them, which he is.

But, tomorrow’s rally should give the press ample opportunity to decipher the difference between being a veteran and being for veterans. It’s one thing to have served in the military, and then show up at biker events where the candidate could be seen with vets getting drunk and staring at topless young women.

It is another thing to be for vets, meaning you vote in favor of health and quality of life benefits for veterans. McCain did so about 20% of the time. He’s got lots of explaining to do.   Hopefully the press will give him a chance, and push some if the candidate prevaricates.

Finally, as McCain  innaugurates his “country first” theme tomorrow, I just wonder how he and the press would react if Barack Obama, rather than John McCain were to kick off his newly branded presidential campaign with bikers, beer and topless (white) women. What would McCain say, and how would the press report the story.  Think about this tomorrow, please, and then decide if race(ism) is an unstated factor in this campaign.


event is an annual veterans


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