Would Eric Cantor be a Kosher Pick for John McCain?

Eric Cantor is a younger, more Republican version of McCain buddy Joe Lieberman, so perhaps this is why he is being vetted for McCain Veep choice.  There are other reasons as well.

Cantor, Chief Deputy Whip in House, was recently named by the RNC to do outreach to Jewish voters.  A conservative Republican House member from Virginia, and known as a prolific fundraiser, Cantor could play well in Virginia and Florida.  Cantor is a savvy politicians with a sense of humor and working knowledge of the internet, a big contrast to McBush. Cantor has a blog which has featured humorous looks at his democratic opponents.  so i get it. Cantor, reaches a younger, technological demographic, from a battleground state and is a loyal McCain supporter.

On the bigger issues of war and peace Cantor is in lock step with McCain. Like McCain, he favors war, and isn’t bothered by constitutional restrictions on executive war powers. (see video below). 

1) Like McCain, Cantor, doesn’t understand Constitutional war-making powers. (see video below)

2) Like McCain, Cantor favors war with Iran. (see video below) 

It is also alarming to see Cantor’s cavalier positions on executive powers, which coincide with unitary executive theories that have guided the Bush Administration. The point here is that Cantor, back in ’07, was telling us that McCain would be more of the McSame.

Further, and even worse, is that Cantor is a right wing shill on Israeli politics, which in this day and age is naive and dangerous.   His right wing pro-Israel talking points are for him a political wedge issue, potentially an extremely dangerous and unwelcome addition to this hot button campaign.

Cantor has challenged Obama’s fealty on mideast politics.  He joined Joe Lieberman on radio shows attacking Obama’s AIPAC speech even tho the speech was very pro-Israel.   Cantor has also challenged Obama’s bonafides on religion and patriotism.

In short, Cantor would be a divisive addition to an already pathetically divisive McCain campaign.


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