John McCain Ready to Explode?

It has taken the better part of the last year, but maybe, just perhaps, the msn is beginning to see John McCain for the pile of sh$t his campaign has turned out to be.

Let’s see. I am not yet convinced, but at least Joe Klein is using the word “sleaze” to refer to his campaign. Broder, how ’bout you?

Will you folks take notice of the “slash and burn” tactics that are usually reserved for much later in a loser’s game, or the doubletalk, lies, missteps and lack of substance that would render embarassing an alderman campaign in podunk?

And if you you actually do your job and hold the mirror to this candidate, how might he respond? Given his demand for loyalty among his pals, some of you may lose special privileges and access.

And will you cover this when it happens? The voters hope you do.


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