CBS News Blew It, Big Time

CBS could have had an exclusive lead a couple night ago when John McCain totally botched an answer on Iraq. It could have played like Teddy Kennedy’s 1979 interview with Roger Mudd in which he fumbled why he wanted to be president. The Mudd interview effectively ended Kennedy’s chances.

Had CBS followed its journalistic instincts rather than pro-McCain bias, Katie Couric’s interview could have had a similar impact. Instead, CBS covered up for McCain and fabricated (via the editing process) a response that instead questioned Obama’s patriotis.


And Rachel Maddow was the only one to pick this up.  This time, on Countdown, Keith asks her to comment on Katie Couric’s interview with John McCain, which corruptly substituted McCain’s answer to a previous Couric question instead of showing an answer which falsely depicted the relationship between the sunni uprising in Anbar Province and the “surge” in Baghdad.

McCain’s answer showed a lack of mental acuity, or downright lying about the chronology of events in Iraq. Keep in mind Iraq is McCain’s only suit for laying claim on the presidency.

On the week of a triumphant Obama in Iraq, Afghanistan, Jordan and Israel, the fuddy-duddy McCain blunder should have been CBS’s lead story.

Instead, as Maddow adroitly points out, CBS re-edited the piece to have McCain questioning Obama’s patriotism, “Obama would rather win an election than win a war.” a quote that has no basis in fact, tho would make a compelling 30 second McCain spot.  The McCain campaign should have paid CBS cash for its bait and switch or at least offered the anchor as many servings of McCain Bar-B-Q as she and her staff could eat.

As Maddow suggested, it is odd indeed for the McCain camp to be criticizing pro Obama media bias, when CBS just served up such a treat for the republican presumptive nominee.

Good thing for You-tube which has the real footage.

And BTW, as such daily foulups show, McCain is not a credible candidate for president, and CBS should fire Katie Couric.


One response to “CBS News Blew It, Big Time

  1. Amen. I believe major media institutions have done some unforgivable things in recent years, but the outright insidiousness of this action by CBS is a real eye-opener. You say in your more recent post that the race remains tight despite all that’s occurred over the past month or so. I claim that the reason is overt media bias.

    I saw a great panel at Netroots Nation on how the right wing learned how to manipulate the media, and the media continues to be their sock puppets for various reasons. That in itself does not imply nefarious intent by reporters or media personalities, but the effect is in many ways the same as if there were bad motives. The only way to fix this situation is for the reform-minded left to similarly apply pressure to the corporate media and doggedly hold them accountable for imbalanced, lazy or flat out false reporting.

    I also wrote a post about this issue at my blog

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