Obama Makes McCain Irrelevant

I have never before seen a presidential nominee become irrelevant before being nominated. That’s the story of the McCain candidacy this mid- July, 2008, more than a month before the Republican convention convenes early September. Joe Trippi just might be right here. Perhaps the Republicans will choose not to nominate their own presumptive nominee.  Smart money would agree with Trippi.

In the meantime, Obama, the candidate who, not too long ago was being lambasted for not having passed a commander in chief threshold, has just met with troops in Kuwait, and leaders in Iraq and Afghanistan, and has left them almost weeping in joy about the prospect of his election.  The image of Obama as Commander in Chief has pretty much overwhelmed anything McCain has to offer. 

Obama is brighter, quicker, more level headed, has a better grasp of the relevant facts, shows better judgment, and much keener insight into foreign policy issues.

John McCain has been relegated to the dinner theatre version of commander in chief. not even close to being ready for the big time.

So how does McCain respond to Obama’s foray into international relations? 

He is spending his days vindictively  hocking lugies at Obama’s path,  sophmorically blaming Obama for supporting a timetable for troops to leave Iraq. Happens that much of america let alone the rest of the world, including Iraqi leader al Maliki (and his VP) also wants American troops to leave en par with Obama’s plan. Maliki wants american troops out by 2010.  so, whoo do you want as commander in chief? the one who is responsive to the american people, world and Iraqi leaders, or one who will again ignore all this.

 In Afganistan, Hamid Karzei agrees with Obama’s insights of about a year ago that his country– rather than Iraq– is the rational front in war against terror.  At home, McCain blathers on about staying in Iraq, and is also running an illogical new ad that suggests Senator Obama happens to be responsible for gas prices.

On the issues, the campaign is over.  Obama just went went onto McCain’s self annointed stage of expertise, pulled back the curtain and found little old man ozzie McCain, simulating a reality of iraq having borders with pakistan, and about Maliki not really saying what his own translator says he said,  and obama playing politics with war…  

In the meantime, the world is holding its breath that repulicans either heed Trippi’s advice or that come november american voters don’t blow it again.


One response to “Obama Makes McCain Irrelevant

  1. McCain said he would rather lose a political campaign and win a war… well then lose. The one thing that McCain was leading on over Obama was the appearance of being a better Commander in Chief and that got blown out of the water. With ONE visit, Obama grasped the entire concept of the Iraq situation. He a great meeting with General Petraus, established hope amongst the Iraqi people, and is completely on the same page as the elected leader of Iraqi. These are the points that McCain, Bush, Cheney all missed on their multiple visit to Iraq. All the republican heads only visit the middle east for a photo op, while Obama actually listen to the all the parties involved in the middle east region. The republicans don’t want an end to the Iraq conflict, because that would mean that their main weapon in this country (FEAR) would be irrevelent. Oh and one other thing… McCain only thinks about the war, because in his circle, when it comes to the economy, we are a nation of whiners. The republicans must change their symbol from an elephant, to the Ostrich with it’s head buried in the sand.

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