Today’s iPhone Scam

My wife’s phone broke about a month ago. We are Mac fans and almost bought an iPhone back in May. Would have been a combo of mothers’ day, fathers day, anniversary and birthday presents in one, but got wind of the new 3G on the way.

we waited.

Have been talking about 7/11 for weeks. got there this morning a little after 8am, to find about 25 people already in line. no big deal… until this young geeky guy in a suit came out into the parking line to say they had run out of the phone, and would allow folks to sign up if they waited in line, only to get one next week. 

come on now, given all the hype,  i have only 2 ways to interpret the fact that the story had so few iPhones:  stupidity (didn’t expect at least a hundred people to request an iPhone in a major city), or an arrogant marketing ploy (we sold out the first day after 1/2 hour!), neither of which gives me a warm cuddly feeling about the iPhone today. Perhaps the feeling will change once we get one.


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