McBush: More of the Same Rich Boy Empty Suit


To this country’s great shame, it elected a lightweight to the presidency in 2000.  Ideology aside for a moment, the guy represented the lowest possible denominator in American policy and in the myth of the american dream: a fellow born to great wealth and to quote the late great ann richards, born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He fouled up pretty much everything thrown his way, slacked off on his education, was elected to office off his dad’s reputation and rolodex.

If history repeats itself first as tragedy and then as farce, or something like that, then what are we to make of this third term mcshame fellow who, also born into great privilege, did everything he could to flunk out of annapolis and then ruan a series of mishaps in ‘nam, only to enter into a scandal ridden political career (Keating 5), and now as a candidate for president, shows his deep contempt for the public by not even bothering to bone up on the important issues of the day.

here is a guy who, by his own admission, knows little about the economy, has a fundamental misunderstanding about social security, says he doesnt know about the nature of threat from Iran, knows almost nothing about women’s issues and giggles and stutters like an adolescent when asked an important question about health insurance regarding viagra versus the pill.  He knows nothing about stds (tho probably has his share) and condoms as they relate to policy issues, confuses sunni and shiite, harbors an iran or bust mentality that clearly harkens back to Bush’s obsession with Saddam;  has recently flip-flopped on about 61 different issues; and is surrounded by lobbyists and economic advisors (Phil Gramm, co-chair of McCain campaign) who think the current economic recession is all in our head (mental recession), and who really do speak for him regardless of what an embarrassed candidate might say). Phil Gramm’s comments that we are a nation of whiners is not out of character, nor is he “just as advisor.” His footprints are all over McCains statements on the economy for the last several years.   

well, perhaps this is the best the Republican Party has to offer this year, but shame on us as voters if we actually take this guy seriously as a candidate for president.


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