Former McCain Aide Mike Murphy Sees McTrain Wreck

When Mike Murphy announced he won’t be working for John McCain this fall, he said something that slipped the MSM radar. Surprise.  Murphy suggested the McCain campaign had been at a crossroads these past few weeks and selected the path most reviled. 

According to Murphy, the campaign had two choices in terms of its tone and tenor.  He was hoping McCain would hoose to run as a reformer/maverick, that is, for Murphy, the McCain of 2000.  Instead, McCain chose a scorched earth, attack and destroy campaign, which he underscored by bringing in Rovian sycophants. 

Where does that leave the candidate? In a Rovian rung of hell because, from the look at how Hillary’s campaign turned out, and at the tenor of the American public this summer, hope/reform seems in this year and scorched earth out. 

By signing on with NBC rather than with his old chum, McCain, Muphy sees a train wreck coming, and is looking to get off the tracks.


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