McCain Campaign Shakeup Blindsides Lovelorn Press

Say it ain’t so John. Your campaign stinks that bad? You are bringing in the same Karl Rove that ruined your 1980 campaign? 

Backup a moment.  Shame on the main stream media (MSM) for suggesting Wesley Clark unfairly attacked John McCain’s military record, and for giving McCain a pass for suggesting that Jim Web’s “chill out” comment was another, and coordinated, attack on his service.  

The media sycophantry of McCain has shown its insidious side these past few days.  Consider that the talking points against Webb and Clark likely came from Karl Rove, whose “former students” Steve Schmidt, Nicolle Wallace, have just been placed in charge of the McCain campaign.  

Ain’t it just plain stupid to be  giving Rove (and now McCain) a pass almost 8 years after Rovian tactics started the downfall of america’s credibility at home and abroad.  

Listen, the day McCain defensively attacked (temper, temper) his fellow vets Webb and Clark,  he also hires swift boater Bud Day into his campaign, and two days later he pretty much scraps his entire campaign operation, removes his inner circle and replaces it with Rovians.

Rather that doing some real reporting about McCain’s organizational incompetence, and the surreptitious Rovian colonization of the McCain’s 08 campaign (following what he did to McCain in 2000!),  the MSM prefers chasing its own tail. 

Did the MSM really not see Rove’s fingerprints behind events leading to the McCain overhaul?   Did they really not see Rove’s shadow behind the hiring of Bud Day or in the cheap and ugly attacks against Clark’s character following his MTP appearance? (taking McCain seriously when he told Obama: “cut him loose” Really!?)  Is the mainstream press still so easily blindsided.  

If so, then come this fall, Obama must know he has a much longer way to travel to 1600 Pa Ave than his canny advisors might acknowledge.



One response to “McCain Campaign Shakeup Blindsides Lovelorn Press

  1. This might actually be a good thing in the long term. It could make the media itself a legitimate issue in the campaign and effectively put an end to the “liberal media bias” canard once and for all. It’s really up to the execs and editors whether they want the (albeit negative) attention, but they might be too locked into old sycophantic habits to0 change their tune so quickly.

    I wouldn’t expect attacks on the corporate press to come from the Obama camp, but allied 527’s and even party committees could initiate such an discussion if they feel a great enough need to do so.

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