Rachel Maddow for “Meet the Press” Host


Rachel Maddow on Air AmericaNow that NBC is searching for a replacement host for Meet the Press, I’d like to add my two cents that Rachel Maddow would fill the bill. Like Russert, she is a natural news hound, with incredible smarts and offers up an easy but high octane screen presence.  Like Russert, she knows her stuff and from what I can tell she works incredibly hard.  She is not easily intimidated and can handle her own with the likes of Pat Buchanan, who may be a real paleocon ass, but is a smart, sharp tongued right winger who does his best to put Rachel through the rigors every time they meet on MSNBC.  She raises above rather than going tit-for-tat.

With Obama’s nomination sure to have a positive impact on media culture, it also appears time for the media to break glass ceilings, and Maddow offers up two such ceilings. 

In response to those who suggest that Maddow has a political agenda, I would point them to Chris Wallace, a right wing hound on Fox who was Russert’s predecessor at Face the Nation.  Unlike Wallace, Maddow has a Ph.d, in politics which provides evidence of the sophisticated political analysis she is capable of and which would be in display at Meet the Press.

But alas, I am a realist and realize the MSM may not yet welcome Maddow with open arms.  If that’s the case, then consider this.  David Gregory would make a decent Meet the Press Host, and by moving him to Sunday morning, I would suggest then moving Maddow into his MSNBC prime time slot. Maddow deserves her own prime time show, and if not to be Meet the Press, then why not MSNBC’s “Race for the White House,” for now?  



6 responses to “Rachel Maddow for “Meet the Press” Host

  1. Don Schumacher

    Hmm…perhaps she should be the new host. There’s an interesting interview done with Rachel Maddow by Campus Progress:


  2. No, clearly Russert was so important that entire news networks need to ignore the weather problems and forget that the Iraq war is still going on.

    MSNBC should just run re-runs of Russert’s show with him as host, 24/7.

    We should just cancel the elections.

  3. I LOVE Rachel Maddow — smart, smart, smart and knowledgeable!!!

    I believe that Tom Brokaw should fill Russerts place for now. But I think NBC has already decided that Brian Williams will fill in at least temporarily thought.

    Maddow should definitely have her own show — she’s better than David Gregory and Dan Abrams.

  4. Amen to that! Maddow runs circles around every other host/pundit out there, whether on MSNBC (David Gregory should be eaten by badgers) or CNN. She is brilliant, funny, and best of all unpredictable — just when you think you know how she’ll come down on a certain issue she finds the nuance and explores new territory.

  5. Rachel Maddow is THE best choice for new host of Meet the Press!! I think either David Gregory or Brian Williams would do a decent job, but agree that Rachel would run circles around them!!

  6. I love Rachel too, but honestly I want to see her stay on MSNBC, that way she can continue to say what she thinks as opposed to having to hold her tongue.

    I miss Tim though, God can you imagine him interviewing Palin? He’d have destroyed her.

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