Whose “Women Problem”?

The MSM is suggestion that Obama may well have a problem getting the women’s vote this November. Once again, the MSM gets it wrong.

Hillary Clinton brought millions of new women into the political process, which should benefit Barack Obama come November. Public opinion polls are showing that women are breaking for Obama (46%-39% among white women and it’s been less than a week since Clinton conceded), and also show that most women who support McCain are unaware of his positions against reproductive rights.

Once women supporters of Hillary Clinton begin to register their support for Obama in opinion polls, and once women for McCain figure out his positions against abortion, against sex education, against birth control, against SCHIP, and so forth, Obama will benefit from an avalanche of support from women voters, which suggests a divisive victory in November.

McCain has said he would overturn Roe v Wade. In addition the next president is certain to nominate at least one and likely, several members of the Supreme Court. Women’s reproductive rights are one vote from being overturned.

McCain on Abortion

By overturning Row v Wade, a McCain Supreme Court would introduce a generation of young women, and men, to the horrors of young women needing an abortion and not being able to get one. Young women will be maimed, killed as they were prior to 1973 as a result.

This election really is a matter of life and death, and it is a no-brainer to surmise that the overwhelming majority of women now questioning Oama’s bona fides, will reach this conclusion.


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