Bush Ready for War on Iran

Back when the country was being readied for a post 9/11 terrorist attack, talking heads focused attention on the increasing flurry of emails, internet stories, and so forth as signs of a coming attack. The warning levels increased along with the intensity of buzz.

and so it goes.

As the country enters summer, and Bush is on his final european junket, the flurry of stories has increased regarding the iranian threat and Bush options for countering the iranian threat before he leaves office.  The NYT today has German Chancellor Merkel agreeing with Bush’s call for aditional sanctions against Iran, but she stops short of saying, as he does, that all options remain on the table.

The shame of it all is that based on recent events, the country and world has no way of knowing whether stories coming from the White HOuse are True. Quite the opposite.  We have been taught to believe its propaganda. And this is scary and unacceptable in a democracy.

Consider that the current drum beat contradicts the NIE Report issued December 2008 that says Iran suspended its nuclear enrichment program back in 2003. Consider that since 2003, Secry State Rice has repeatedly spoken about increasing pressure on the iranian regime.  Such pressure would come to include sanctions and since late spring 2005, the Bush regime  would embark on a major covert initiative to discredit and unsettle the Iranian regime.  Now that none of this has much worked, the drumbeat has focused more exclusively on the likelihood of missile strikes against Iranian”nuke”  targets, or all out war.

With seven months to go, it seems that Bush and a still acquiescent Congress has deemed that impeachment against the president is no longer viable, but apparently another war dreamt up by this president remains a real possibility.





2 responses to “Bush Ready for War on Iran

  1. Impeachment is restoration of lawful and constitutional government.

    Nothing is more important than this.

    The issue is the Constitution, Bill of Rights and Lawful government, not Bush or Cheney.

    Iran, Iraq, the presidential election all hinge on restoring rule of law via impeachment.

    Demand impeachment. Restore lawful government.

  2. President Bush Tells the World he is in Charge: No kidding!

    And, you are right! We have very bad things, and we know how to use them. We used them against Japan. Boy did our nukes kill a lot of those Japanese people. We will do it again. We used some of those bad things on Iraqi population. Iran and the rest of the world better learn soon, we mean business!

    Israel has nuclear bombs, and we gave them nuclear capable airplanes to use the bombs. By the way, we helped Israel to put 200 of the nukes together. Israel after all has the strongest influence on our political system. Without them we can’t run this country.

    By the way, what is this idea that we have a bad economy, expensive college loans, few professional jobs, and crumpling infrastructure? Forget about it!

    We have to worry about Iran; you know they are working on nuclear fuel cycle to make electricity. They must stop it. If they would ever need nuclear fuel, we will sell them at our price and our time. You know nuclear fuel is the oil of tomorrow. We want to keep our own fuel cartel. Wait until their oil wells go dry sometimes before 2025, they will come to us begging for nuclear fuel, i.e. if we would allow them to have any nuclear reactor.

    Plus, our great President Bush wants to revisit the 1953 regime change and put in place someone like the old Shah. We told him what we expected of him. Shah knew what we wanted, and he did it. No questions asked. Boy, those good old days.

    Last, Israelis have told us not to talk to the Iranians. You know, talking will do no good; either we win or they loose, all the same to us. The President says: we are in charge, these rogue nations better learn to follow our rules. This is all business.

    For a different ideas, please read [http://straveler-myamerica.blogspot.com/2008/05/american-foreign-policy-and-world-new.html]: American Foreign Policy and the World: a New Direction. But, wait until next year; the new direction ideas have not been approved by this Administration.

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