No Third Term: Preempting an October Surprise in Iran

Not since 1940

The netroots are beginning to alert the general public about a possible October Surprise against Iran to help advance the cause of a Third Bush Term. (for example, see FDL)   This is a concern that is more than merely a few apprehensive progressives feeling paranoid on the eve of a tough fall campaign.  I believe the stage is already set for an October Surprise, likely to be launched if BushCo believes it can get away with it.

BushCo has opportunity, which consists of the fall campaign and a democratic opponent whose patriotism they are trying to impugn (because of his middle name, mostly), and whose relationship with Jewish voters they are trying to exploit.  They have Joe Lieberman, a self appointed spokesperson for “moral jews everywhere,” but whose friendship with John Hagee (and other anti-Semites), belies any real fealty in this fight. Lieberman is McCain’s Ron Cohen, a self hater who belittled and condemned political opponents as soft on communism.  Lieberman’s victims comprise anyone who issues a critical word against Israel’s Palestinean policies.  And BushCo has a desperate scrap dog campaigner in John McCain, who is chomping at the bit to throw his own kidney punches against anyone who hasn’t been been held POW or who doesn’t support wars in Iraq and Iran.

Beyond that, BushCo knows how to invent an enemy and propagandize war. They did it before to horrible effect, and would do it again, if for no other reason than to enjoy a resurgence–however temporary– of the popular support they once enjoyed after manipulating the media and public in March 2003.

So while, Scott McClellan, the NYT, and most recently Jay Rockefeller and the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (Phase II Report) have all given voice to evils of the BushCo PR machine, the machine still exists, and it remains manifest to any interested observer that the Administration is not to be trusted to speak truthfully about Iran.

But, since Democrats, including Obama,  remain wary of charging the administration with impeachable offenses– such as lying their way into war with Iraq–  Bushco knows it has some wiggle room to plan and perhaps even launch a second war (or get Israel to do it), ostensibly to carry out its promise not to allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons (even tho this is contradicted by the December 2007 IIE, the last official word on Iran and nukes), before election day.

How to prevent an October Surprise against iran?  PUBLIC DISCOURSE, DIALOGUE, BOGGING, TALKING, LETTERS, PETITIONS…

it is incumbent upon the MSM and Obama to speak out against the train of BushCo abuses.  





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