Blackwater Opens new Facility at US-Mexico Border

Within view of the Us-Mexico Border Fence in San Diego, Blackwater just opened its latest “training facility,” as per its $400 million government contract.

It’s been a long slog for Blackwater to open shop near the border, having been forced to abandon plans in Potrero, Ca..  As in Potrero, Blackwater is once again fighting local ordinances, activists (Raymond Lutz), congressional opposition (Rep. Bob Filner) and litigation.  Why such perseverance? According to its own PR, even the Navy is no match for its counter terrorism training.  A more rational answer, however, would suggest the federal government remains bent on hollowing out national and homeland security while it still can.

The surreal nature of this spectacle is revealed by seeing that such advanced and ostensibly essential counter terrorism training must rely on existing amusement park ride permits in order to open Its “mock warship area” within the boundaries of existing local ordinances.   Beat that Pentagon!  Hey Border Patrol, your next!

See Truthout for more details


for more info. on Blackwater, see



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