Hillary Concession? No

Hillary is using her speech, in my opinion, to make herself indispensable for the fall campaign.  and yes. she wants VP, even tho if one were just tuning in, it sounds from her speech that Obama lost and she won.

perhaps it’s a turn on logic for her to say she is indispensable to Obama’s victory in November, but there she goes, and perhaps she’ll say at some point she was even more indispensable to Obama’s nomination than Obama.  nutz.

Yep, I can see it. She might well say at some point that she was indispensable to his nomination.

Wow. She fails to concede that she lost and she fails to support. She doesn’t mention that Obama passed 2118 delegates.  Hillary asks: where to go from here? go to hillaryclinton.com and let her know.  as if the primary process hadn’t just done that.  No decisions tonite. wow!  Astounding. She is going to hold her votes hostage!!!  really incredible.  what hubris!

perhaps it gets her HHS.



2 responses to “Hillary Concession? No

  1. Hillary is a certified LUNATIC! She is beyond dilusional. Sad.

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