Why Hillary Will Not Be Barack’s VEEP

Over the weekend I met up with an old friend who knows someone in Obama’s inner circle. All the chisme aside, I heard something potentially telling about the Barack-Hillary dance that we are all going to witness over the next several days, weeks, months.  The bottom line is that Obama is not likely to offer Hillary the Veep slot. Here’s why.  

The Clintons have treated Obama miserably since the day he came to the senate in 2005.  They saw him as a threat and sought to weaken him, haze him and otherwise intimidate him into not challenging Hillary for the ’08 nomination.  Apparently, the Clintons indeed felt a sense of entitlement to the ’08 nomination.

I raise this conversation in light of Obama’s latest “pastor eruption,” as I just heard it described on Dan Abrams’ “The Verdict.” A couple weeks ago, Pastor Pfleger, a guest pastor at Trinity went off on an anti-Hillary rant that was mocking in tone and sort of inappropriate.  The Pfleger sermon has been cited as the reason for Obama’s announcement he is leaving the Trinity Church.  

While listening to my friend’s comments, my mind went to Pastor Pfleger.   My friend didn’t draw any connections to Phleger, but the substance of his comments gibed pretty much with how Pfleger suggested the Clinton’s reacted to Obama back in 2005.

See Pfleger’s comments:

Pretty raw sounding stuff at a pretty inopportune moment, but apparently so are the real feelings between the two camps.   Not sure what this bodes for the campaign in the coming weeks and months, except to say there is plenty of work and healing to be done, and the need is dire.  I shall watch the dance starting tomorrow night with Barack in MN and Hillary in NY.  A beginning, tho it is starting with them pretty far apart.



3 responses to “Why Hillary Will Not Be Barack’s VEEP

  1. You’re absolutely right on this. I don’t know why people seem so eager to suggest Hillary is a likely or beneficial VP pick, but so obvious that the Obama and Clinton camps are aren’t at all friendly.

    It would be a sign of weakness for Obama to pick Hillary he needs to show his independence.

  2. I agree that it would be a sign of weakness. Her campaign was ugly, caused divisiveness, lots of controversy and really bad feelings. I hope he keeps to his agenda which is change, Clintons are not the change we need.

  3. The further in the dust Obama leaves Hillary the better for all concerned. Time to stop crying, accept the lost and move on. The world is a better place with the Clintons behind us.

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