Barack Obama’s first Lincolnesque Challenge

With HIllary Clinton almost gone but not forgotten (almost), Obama’s next task is to forge a consensus among his former rival’s staunchest believers and create unity along some bloody ruptures in the democratic party. 

Faced with his first real challenge as presumptive nominee, Obama, it seems, is pulling a page from Lincoln’s notebook.  He recognizes the ferocity of the Hillaryite feelings against him.   He is of strong enuf character and moral fiber as to reach out to former rivals– like Hillary– and promise to place them in a new administration.

Politico is reporting that Obama is considering Edwards as AG, Biden as Secretary of State and Hillary Clinton as Scry HHS, if only she gracefully withdraws some time over the next couple days, hopefully even this evening in New York.

There is no love lost between Barack and Hillary.   I agree with those who suggest that Hillary and Bill blame Obama for having stymied Hillary’s ascension to the nomination/presidency, and they harbor no great desire for Obama’s success this fall.

I also believe that having Hillary as VEEP would potentially create a strong Bill/ Hillary sponsored anti-obama base inside the White House, thus endeavoring to sabotage his every move.

By placing Hillary in a cabinet post, and ceding control over health care, however,  Obama plays a brilliant game of being able to take credit for the potential success of health care reform, or placing the blame for failure once again on Hillary’s shoulders (would be twice bitten on health care), killing any chances at all for her future presidential ambitions.  Really is a beautiful move.

Hillary’s role in an Obama Administration would provide a 2009 version of Lincoln having Edwin Stanton as his Secretary of War.  Stanton was highly regarded, nationally known politician with presidential ambition. The Obama-Clinton relationship would start off really rocky but likely to evolve into a real partnership.  Stanton disdained LIncoln and was humiliated at having lost to him.  He came into the Lincoln administration belitting Lincoln, referring to him as “that original gorilla.”  

For his part, Lincoln valued Stanton’s tenacity and organizational abilities.

By the end of Lincoln’s presidency, however, Stanton had proved to be an extremely successful Secry of War, and one of Lincoln’s most loyal if not trusted lieutenants.  




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