The Scott McClellan Treatment

Here are where things are in 2008, a guy reports the sky is falling and the media reaction is not to look at to the sky but to ask about this guy’s motivations.

Scott McClellan’s new book, “What Happened” is getting treated to a tag team wink an nod  by the Bush Administration and Press.  The Bush Administration is rolling out the usual talking heads to tsk, tsk, poor ole Scott who left a disgruntled employee and, “gosh, something happened to the poor guy because he seems angry and disgruntled, and we treated him so well… sort of thing”  

And the MSM is interviewing ari dan bartlett, and dana and feeding them the question, “what happened…” but not to the Bush administration, which would be news, but to poor Scott McClellan, which isn’t.

Hey folks, how ’bout some news about what Bush did to the country?  about what Karl Rove and Scooter Libby did in the Valerie Plame leak fiasco, or the permanent PR campaign apparatus.  

A few years ago, Frank Ricj wrote a book, “The Greatest Story Ever Sold.” McClellan’s account supports Rich tooth and nail. How about a story on that, on the permanent commodification of public information?  

What a sorry state of news coverage, and thank goodness there are only 235 days 18 hours left of the Bush Administration.



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